Monday, June 13, 2005

EAP2 WW 053
Research Paper Proposal
Jun 13, 2005
Urban sprawl in Denver
When I read some articles about urban sprawl, I learned some important things from it. There are two types of urban sprawl. One is uncontrolled growth, another is controlled expansion. There are usually some problems about urban sprawl. It must make sure old and new areas combine tightly together, so the plan of urban sprawl become more significant. But some civic expansions are unplanned. For example, according to Mark (2005) cites Chiras who says the city, Denver, is in the center of uncontrolled development and has 2.5 million residents, is expected to build across 1,000 square mile by 2010. By contrast, Portland, Ore., which follows a controlled growth policy and just has 2 million residents, will cover 510 square miles in next five years. We can see the comparison and find that unplanned urban sprawl will waste how many resources. We can realize that when a city development following increase of population; it will produce some effects, like traffic problems, pollution and disorder areas, etc. Billings (2005) cites Chiras who says some methods about how to prevent urban sprawl. For example, the plan should set up center of babysitting and food sharing. And building a neighborhood of useful quality, develop a bulletin, and remove backyard fences, etc. (Billings, 2005). Another solution is to build complete transportation, like trains (M.R.T.). According to Thornton (2005), Denver Regional Council of Governments is a regional planning commission. One of its main roles has been to develop transportations and transits in the area. The organization can decide the civic policy and integrate several areas. It will make urban growth more effective.
I think there are there things should be done about urban sprawl. First of all, it is essential to have perfect to control urban sprawl. We can see effects without planning, including chaotic streets, disorder arrangement of buildings and some dirty areas. If we have an organization to make an overall plan, the city can expand tautly and neatly. And exactly as Thornton (2005) said, once the world happen some problems, the organization can adopt the policy that suits the measure to local conditions. Secondly, we must consider the convenience of transportation, such as the distribution of subway trains or bus route. The design of traffic must connect all of areas in the city or some areas will cast aside the city. Finally, it should set up some public place for leisure time or recreation, like a museum, recreation center and park. It is a good urban sprawl to combine convenient traffic with public carte community.
I have found different articles talk about urban sprawl, and hope to find more information about it. But if I want to know more about it, I still need some article to discuss theme.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My response and the summary about the article "summaryAuthor likes the attitude of community in Elgin "

June 8, 2005
This article “Author likes the attitude of community in Elgin” is written by Mark Billings. It is important to connect old and new parts in the planning to prevent of urban sprawl. Elgin publishes these points ahead of other communities. The author cites Chiras who says Denver is in the center of unplanned expansion and is expected to build 1,000 square miles by 2010. The author cites Chiras who says there are same ideas about Elgin. For example, they should set up center of babysitting and food sharing. And building a neighborhood of useful quality, develop a bulletin, and remove backyard fences, etc. The author cites Chiras who says, it makes the backyard look like parks, when residents remove privacy fences. It is important to combine commercial area with communities and reserve some place to rent businessmen or receive some guests.
There are two types of urban sprawl. One is uncontrolled growth, another is controlled expansion. Sometimes we can find some big cities without planning have sprawl and are in disorder and dirty, because they do not connect new and old areas. But if those cities plan their growth, considering the subway where passes through, and the street and house how to distribute, they will look like more modern.
The author mentions some methods about how to prevent urban sprawl; basically, I agree with him, but I think a successful urban sprawl must have characteristics below. First of all, it should have trafficable convenience, like the distribution of subway or bus route. Secondly, the program building the street and house must think about city expanding problem in the future. It is better to arrange how to set up buildings and keep some enough places to extend. Thirdly, it is important to decide to separate commercial areas from communities or not. If the program designs to combine both, it must think consequences about noise and pollution. Finally, we should know every developing city have their other side. Poor areas hide every big modern city and sometime they affect appearance of a city. Any government of a city must improve the kind of problems. I think it is essential to expend urban, but if we do not consider the problems following urban sprawl, the plan of urban sprawl is meaningless.

Billings, M. (2005 Feb.27). Elgin community: Author likes the attitude of community in Elgin. Chicago Daily Herald, pg1. Retrieved June 8, 2005, from

Scientists Discover Unexpected Pollution While Monitoring Fragile Mountain Habitats
Nitrogen makes plant grow, but too much nitrogen is bad. It will damage ecosystem. Nitrate found to be concentrated highly in some lakes and stream. Nitrogen is found by the process that automobile, power plant, and agricultural emission that release into atmosphere, then it becomes rain and snow falling down. Nitrogen also makes acid rain, affecting biodiversity of mountain habits, decrease in soil fertility, acidification in lakes, increase in algae growth, and damaging plant. Fort scientists are trying to solve nitrogen pollution.
I think nitrogen pollution is a big problem. We usually make some pollution unconsciously. Even if we know something will produce impacts, we still use it. It is difficult to avoid polluting environment. For example, we use a lot of plastic products, but we all know them cannot dissolve by themselves. We still use DDT to make insecticide, although we all understand it will produce air pollution.
I agree with author's view. We all realize where the pollution comes from but we can stop it. We have no choice to increase the pollution if we continue to use automobile and some devices that make pollution. If there are something we can do, we can plant more trees, and decrease using products that reveal harmful air.

Friday, May 06, 2005

My interview and opinion in race relation

This article mentions that the admission of black students has been reduced at UC Berkeley. Some people think it is because of high tuition; some people say Michigan’s system chooses admissions that are based on race; others consider that policies constrict black admissions. Finally, the article mentions that Proposition 209 supporters say it is a mistake to focus race.
About my article, I think most schools, especially famous university, like Berkeley, should not judge on the basis of race. I feel that high tuition is the most serious problem. Most black students are not rich enough to study at famous schools. Tuition is the first criterion that most of them use to choose a school, but most famous schools use high tuition to discriminate against students. I think it is another kind of discrimination. Most schools have this situation, but Berkeley is so obvious that it is reported.
I interviewed an Asian man. He is a Chinese and studies in SIU. His name is Jian, W. He has been here seven years. In his opinion, the race problem is not obvious at SIU. Most people do not emphasize their racism. He has many friends who are different races but he says just a little are close friends, because it is a few difficult to enter the different racial group. He told me that most Asians do not have racism; besides some countries that have cultism, and he think racism is apparent in the western world. He never thinks about getting married with a female of a different race. Maybe it is because he has gotten married already. He says discrimination makes him feel uncomfortable. If he sees discrimination situation, he will prohibit it. He considers that racial problem is very difficult to solve, unless people change their rooted perception.
I agree with his opinion. In Taiwan, seldom do we hear about discrimination, but I heard that there are many examples of discrimination that happened in the U.S.A. or other western nations. I think everyone knows discrimination really exists, though sometimes they do not represent it. As far as I am concerned, the race problem is misunderstanding of to other cultures. If we could spend more time realizing about other races and take them as same level, I believe racism and discrimination will be gone someday.

By Clark